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Zapwall ‘H’ frame Display Stand

$856.00$1,789.00 exc. GST

See PrimePanelsNZ to view colour swatches.


Model Base Centre Zapwall End Zapwall
H106A (1200W) 150H x 600W x 1200W 1160W x 1180H 600W x 1200H
H106B (1800W) 150H x 600W x 1800W 1760W x 1180H 600W x 1200H
H106C (2400W) 150H x 600W x 2400W 2364W x 1180H 600W x 1200H

Display stands are made from 1st grade 18mm double sided Zapwall (Prime Melamine), mounted on strong castors with Aluminum inserts.

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