Zapwell Garage Panels

Garage Panels

Price details
Please refer to price table below
Panel size 1200mm x 2400mm, can be cut to size. Made with horizontal grooves at 150mm interval to accept a variety of household stuff
1st grade 18mm melamine
Quality 2mm self-colour PVC
Aluminium as it increases the strength of the panel
The most flexible garage storage system ever invented and is so easy and affordable to setup!

Standard widths

Four different widths: 1200mm | 2400mm | 3,600mm | 4,800mm

Standard heights

2,300mm - taking into account of skirting at the bottom, however, you can have up to 2400mm high.

Custom sizes

Yes, we can cut to size to suit at no extra charge.

To Get Started

Step 1: Measure the length and height of your wall space that you want the Zapwall panels to be.
Step 2: Select the lengths and the heights of Zapwall panels to fit your required wall space.
Step 3: Select fittings and shelves for your garage stuff or choose from one of our pre-selected packages.

To Install

Step 1: Fix the Zapwall panels onto your garage wall.
Step 2: Insert the fittings - hooks, prongs, racks etc. and shelves.
Step 3: Put your stuff where you want it - DONE!


Zapwall panels are made to order, with a turnaround of 5-7 working days once payment is received.


Full payment is required at time of order by direct banking only.
Bank details will be provided on the quotation upon submission.

Installation guide
Please click here for measuring and installation instructions. 

 Zapwall Panel & Fitting Package Prices (incl. GST, excl. freight or installation)

Panel Sizes 18mm melamine White 18mm melamine Coloured Zapwall Fittings Package
1200W x 2,300H [A] $320 $375 $198.40 (18 assorted items)
2400W x 2,300H [B] $549 $660 $299.50 (30 assorted items)
3600W x 2,300H [C] $770 $940 $495.80 (59 assorted items)
4800W x 2,300H [D] $999 $1,225 $798.20 (87 assorted items)

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