What is Zapwall?

Zapwall is panels of MDF or melamine that are grooved horizontally with the groove usually strengthened by inserting an aluminium extrusion for extra strength and aesthetics. Zapwall is the world’s most popular visual merchandising system because it allows you to easily design creative and flexible displays that are immediately noticed. Whether your business is garden hoses or designer clothing, having an organised and well-presented exhibit is essential. Positioning your products at eye level within a visually interesting display is a guaranteed way to increase sales.

What are the Zapwall panels made from?

Unpainted MDF (18mm) - Paint Grade Zapwall in its raw Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) wood form. Melamine (18mm) - Melamine Zapwall is coated with a paper product over the MDF board to provide a solid colour or a wood grain appearance. This is the same type of material used in most kitchens and office furniture. Painted MDF (18mm) we can colour match virtually all paint manufacturers’ colours if the correct colour number is supplied.

What colours are available for Zapwall?

The complete range of colours from ‘Prime’, ‘Bestwood’, ‘Melteca’ and most colours from ‘Wilson Art’ are available to choose from. We carry most of the popular ‘Prime’ colours in stock. Please refer to our melamine colour . The colours often do not reproduce well on the computer screen so please email us for colour samples if you are unsure.

What are the Zapwall panel dimensions?

Zapwall Portrait 2400mm high x 1200mm wide Zapwall Landscape 1200mm high x 2400mm wide By choosing two landscape panels and having a half join on the top of one panel and a half join on the bottom of another your panel will appear as 2400mm x 2400mm with no visible joins. Zapwall Cut to Size All you need to do is tell us the width of the area you want to fit Zapwall and height and we will supply to those sizes. You may have more than one area to cover so advise sizes as Wall 1, Wall 2, Wall 3, etc. We can make the height higher than 2400mm by having a hidden join on the groove of the top of one panel and a second panel has a groove on the bottom.

What Zapwall groove spacing (pitch) options do you have available?

Pitch Our standard pitch 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm & 200mm. Custom The space between the grooves can be altered and custom made on request. Measuring Pitch The space between the bottom of one groove and the bottom of the next is the pitch.

What do the Zapwall panels weigh?

Each standard 2400mm x 1200mm panel weighs approximately 40kgs.

Why should I add aluminium extrusions to my Zapwall?

Adding aluminium extrusions to your Zapwall panel increases the strength by 75% compared with Zapwall without aluminium extrusions inside the grooves.

Can I add inserts to my panels at a later date?

Sheets that have no inserts use a different sized cutter and cannot be inserted at a later date. To cover the raw groove from the slat the sheet needs to be spray painted and the over-spray colours the visible part of the groove.

What goes with Zapwall panel?

Capping to cover up the raw edges of the panel. Shelving that clicks into the panel without any supporting brackets means more room for display. Fittings that solve your display needs and increase visibility of your products. Branding or screen-print it onto Zapwall to promote your business or products Lighting brings lift into products and create a ‘WOW’ factor to your display.

Am I charged a crating/delivery fee for Zapwall?

All Zapwall panels are placed on a bearers with MDF protective panels steel strapped top, bottom and all four sides to prevent breakage during freight transport. There is a $60 crating charge for all deliveries of 5 panels or less.

What are the delivery/freight/crating charges?

The delivery/freight/crating charge of $60 only applies to orders of 5 panels or less. This charge is waived when you purchase 6 panels or more.

When can I expect my shipment to arrive?

For standard colours you will receive delivery to your premises within 7 days from time of order to most main centres in New Zealand. Non stock colours and painted panels could take up to 14 days for you to receive delivery from time of order. Rush orders can be delivered within 3 days if required.

What is a Hiab delivery truck?

A Hiab delivery truck is a truck that is used when you do not have a loading dock or a fork lift at your delivery location. The Hiab will lower your products to the ground for easy unloading. It is important to select this option prior to shipping because this type of truck needs to be specified before your shipment leaves our plant. There is an additional charge of $100 for this service.

How do I unload the Zapwall Panels?

Undo the steel strapping with a pair of tin snips or pliers, remove the cover sheets and take the panels off one at a time. This is a two person job. When unloading it is easier to carry the panel so it bows inward thereby closing the groove and preventing the inserts from sliding out

Do you supply screws and installation instructions?

Screws can be supplied at a small charge and will be couriered separately. Please click HERE to our comprehensive installation instructions.