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Frequently Asked Questions

What is floating shelving & storage unit?

Floating shelving units are simply shelves, cube/boxes or cabinets with a hidden bracket, making it look as if they literally come out of the wall. Floating shelving & storage look neat and modern, save floor space so you can maximize your living areas. It's an easy project and you will love the result.

Can we paint our own colour?

Shelves only and yes, we can supply you with raw MDF (medium density board) shelves so you can paint the colour to match your décor. Not available in boxes or cabinets.

How easy is the system to install?

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!
1) Find the stud
2) screw the bracket onto it
3) Click-in or hook-on the shelving unit, DONE!
Please click HERE to view our installation guide for reference.

Do you have an installer in our area?

Our floating shelving system really is easy to install, however, if you’re not confident to do it yourself, your local handyman should be able to install it for you in no time.

How strong is the shelf?

A shelf that will carry recommended weights safely requires two important components:
A strong shelf:
Our sturdy wooden shelves are supplied with an engineer-designed aluminium bracket and wall fasteners to ensure the maximum weight carrying ability.
Strong wall:
a. Brick or cement block walls: Most walls that are less than 60 years old are strong enough.
b. Timber walls generally work very well. Instead of the supplied plastic wall plugs, we recommend using wood screws with washers (included in package).
Tip: the stronger the connection to the wall the better the weight the shelf can carry. To increase the connection you may choose to use both studs screws and Gib board screws (all supplied).
Our shelves have been tested to support up to 6kgs per shelf when the bracket fixed correctly and securely to the wall.

Can you do custom sizes?

Yes, we can cut to size to suit.

What is the longest shelf you make?

We can make shelves up to 1200mm wide/long and 230mm deep.

Can you make shelves deeper than 300mm?

The deepest shelf we are confident to supply is 300mm (up to 900mm wide) providing the bracket is attached securely and correctly to the wall.

That is because the deeper the shelf the greater the leverage, therefore particular attention needs to be paid to attaching the wall bracket, this may entail more attachments to ensure the shelf remains secure against the wall and does not sag once the shelf is attached and loaded.

Does your melamine shelf comes in other thickness than 18mm?

We can supply 30mm melamine shelf in gloss white and planked maple colours only.
Please note the weight of 30mm shelf is 45% heavier of 18mm. Email us now with your inquiry.

Can you supply just plain shelves without the support brackets & screws?

Yes, we can supply plain shelves up to 1200mm long. Email us now with your inquiry.

Are these floating shelves suitable for AV equipments such as DVD, Sky box, Stereo etc.?

Our shelving system can hold anything within reason up to the recommended maximum loading rate of up to 6kg per shelf providing the fixing is done correctly and securely.

Can you drill a cable hole on the shelf for us so the power cord can go through?

Yes, we can pre-drilled a cable hole for you, just let us know the size and where on shelf you want the hole to be.

Can we buy just the wall bracket and fixings as our builder/joiner can make the shelves for us?

Our wall mount is designed to be used in conjunction with our patented shelf, as it would require both the male and female parts of the extrusion and insert, standard shelf will not be able to click in to the wall bracket hence will not work.

I’m thinking of getting five of these floating shelves, can you give me some discount?

We set the prices low so Kiwis can easily afford them and hopefully would buy more than one shelf, however, we can do bulk order discount for 12 shelves or more of the same colour and size in one shipment.

Any chance of looking at the shelving at all as I live in Christchurch?

You are very welcome to visit our showroom, we’re located at 38 Dakota Crescent, Wigram, Christchurch. Our opening hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Are there showrooms/shops outside of Christchurch?

Currently we have one physical showroom located in Christchurch only. For the rest of the country, this website serves as our virtual showroom with more photos and information, we are constantly fine tuning and adding more photos to the website when they are become available.

Can the shelf be removed, either to another room if one changes mind on position, or if we move?

Yes, you may remove it by unscrew the wall bracket just like you would with a wall art. The shelf can be removed anytime by unclick from the bracket.

Any chance of getting some colour samples?

Yes, we’re happy to send you colour samples, this would incur a $5 courier fee deductable on purchase. Physical address only.

Just looking at your website, some of the pictures appear as though the bracket is not fully ‘hidden’ and some are, why so?

Our slime line wall bracket is visible when close-up and looks “hidden” on eye-level or from a distance.


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