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The Latest Commercial Design Trends by Zapwall

The Latest Commercial Design Trends by Zapwall


In this article we explore the latest commercial design trends including Spring colours, furniture, workspace and lighting elements... 

The Return of 1960s & 1970s Furniture

One of the more surprising trends we've seen is the rise in popularity of postmodern furniture lines from the 1960s and 1970s. Sleek low sofas in urban-metallic colours conjure up images from an era of plush pleather and shag carpet, but it's clean and blends well with most work environments.

The End of Permanent Workspace Layouts

Floor plans and private offices have set the stage for commercial interiors for so long that it took a while for the industry to catch on to the latest in interior workspaces. Open workspaces are becoming increasingly popular which allow for integrated workplaces and a more collaborative environment. 

Colour Co-ordinated Workspaces

We are seeing a trend among larger departmental spaces for colour-co-ordinated workspaces. Departments are no longer defined by hallways or office strings, and creating a colour coding system for your departments can simplify operations and help streamline project management throughout your organisation.


In the commercial space there is plenty of influences on the colour pallet. Pantone has released its Spring 2017 colour pallet which incorporates natural tones and airy accent colours that denote vibrancy.  These colours are being heavily influenced by architectural style company culture, decision-maker preferences, and fashion currents.  You can view them here.


With corporations coming under increasing pressure to meet social requirements there is a pressure towards promoting eco-friendly commercial designs.  You can incorporate this trend with something as simple as eco-friendly glass and timber products that are aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly.

Community Work Tables

The community work table epitomizes the 2017 workplace which is commonly used for collaboration, meetings, or as a work table. Flexible, connected, plugged in and refreshingly open the community work table provides a clean and easily adaptable work space.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is easily adaptable to many environments and of course it's energy-friendly. Incorporate this trend into creating an enticing and activated workspace with clean lines and decisive lighting placement of LED lights. 

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