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Floating Shelves NZ

Floating Shelves NZ

Transform your home today with Zapwall's Floating Shelves

Zapwall offers you the simplicity of changing your room so easily and affordably with their range of floating shelves. You can transform your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and pretty much any room in your house with their floating shelf options.

Floating shelves are a great way to add storage or even just display accessories in a room. With them you get the most out of a space because they don’t add a lot of bulk and they can be arranged to fit any location easier than a furniture piece would.

Zapwall’s floating shelves come in a wide range of colours and styles - from melamine to glass, so it’s easy to find one that matches the décor in your home.

Floating shelves can be an intricate part of the design focal point of a room and a perfect spot for ornaments and showcasing objects of interest.

If positioned asymmetrically in a dining room your floating shelves can be a real feature and transform your room to give it an 'on trend' look.

Zapwall can even integrate your floating shelves as part of your entertainment area, or they can build you a complete entertainment centre with space for audio equipment and design features that will give your room the wow factor!

Zapwall’s floating shelf designs can also be used in the kitchen to display bowls and glassware. It makes the space more open and airy as well as allowing you to display some cool pieces that deserve to be seen more than just on occasion.

If you try them in your bathroom particularly a smaller bathroom or one that lacks storage, you can take advantage of areas that seem like lost space such as a corner, a nook next to the vanity or above the toilet.

You can also use a floating shelf as the actual mantle above the fireplace for a more modern appeal. Carry the mantle past the fireplace and you can combine the mantle with the display shelves along the side!

Even though floating shelves have traditionally been a more modern décor element, Zapwall can incorporate floating shelves into any home environment.  See our gallery of floating shelf design projects here.

Enquire about our floating shelf options today and request a quote on 0800 927 925 or email us here.

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